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Landscape Designs

Landscape design should be first step in your process of creating a new garden space.  Begin with end in mind.  Work with your landscape designer to understand was is your vision for the space.  

Whether you are creating city landscape garden as your retreat.

Call Ben for your landscaping design requirements in Melbourne  on 0437 886 605




Some factors to consider:

  • Your lifestyle - how do you want the area to be used?  Is it going to be an entertaining area, a place where you go to seek solitude, and active area or something else?  Make sure you understand what you want and then communicate that to your landscape designer.
  • Your space - as much as you would like to have your cricket pitch in the terrace in Melbourne - it is not going to happen (at least on the outside of the house).  You need to be practical and provide some guidelines so that you and your designer can achieve the optimal result with your space
  • Your budget